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Ocean Oracle: What Seashells Reveal about Our True Nature

Shelley is delighted to share the wisdom of the shells in her divination system, Ocean Oracle: What Seashells Reveal about Our True Nature™.  This boxed set includes a deck of 200 seashell cards depicting the shells discussed in the companion book, as well as 4 overview plates to give a bird’s eye view of all the shells in the deck. Together, these components enable the reader to work with his/her own divination messages.

Each card presents a picture of the shell on the front, and its name and meaning on the back. Once the shells are selected and arranged, it is simply a matter of turning over the cards to obtain the message.

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“In Ocean Oracle, Michelle “Shelley” Hanson opens up conchomancy, the art of divination using seashells, to a whole new dimension…rich in oracular language that is accurate, scientific, and downright fascinating!… But the test of a divination system is its accuracy. The Ocean Oracle easily passes the test. I expect to see it being used a great deal by Readers across the country.”

–Raymond Buckland, author of The Fortunetelling Book, Buckland Romani Tarot Cards of Alchemy

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Ocean Wisdom; Lessons from the Seashell Kingdom 

Ocean Wisdom teaches you about the mysteries of the ocean and unlocks the mysteries of self through the study of seashells. Just like the animals that inhabit and create them and the many people that study them, each shell is unique and offers powerful and eye-opening insights into the world around us. The Ocean Wisdom books cover a variety of master teachings on such subjects as survival, victimization, feeling special, feeling flawed, pride, destiny, struggle, faith, sacrifice, and judgment, all through the study and examination of the ocean’s most extraordinary organisms. They devote a great deal of attention to the topic of love.

Seashell Divination uses seashells as a psychological tool to explore the mysteries of self and the world around us. Through the awareness gained, you can reshape your future. Seashells are energy tools holding the power of the vast ocean, and each carries a unique energy signature. In the Ocean Wisdom books you will learn to read and harness the energy chakras of seashells and connect to the water element providing benefits for mind, body and spirit. You will also learn the meanings and natures of each beautiful shell. Finally, you will apply these tools in a guided meditation and start on a revitalizing journey with help from the text or the accompanying CD. (Also available as a link in the eBook complete with full sound effects.)



“Michelle Hanson has opened up a whole new world of crystal exploration courtesy of her lifelong work with her seashell partners. Constructed by mollusks from protein secretions embedded with Calcite and Aragonite, seashells are crystal bridges uniting the animal and mineral kingdoms. Attuning to seashells links the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and their high vibrational energy facilitates communication with other realms. Working with seashells provides the opportunity to restore balance to all aspects of our lives enabling us to reshape the future. They connect us to our divine essence, our etheric DNA, offering a blueprint to edit and restructure our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies toward increased perfection and ascension. As energy tools connecting with our chakras, they mirror our spiritual evolution, guiding us to heal and transform ourselves and ultimately, our planet. Throughout history, seashells have been valued aesthetically. Now is the time to appreciate them as valuable members of the crystal family, and powerful collaborators. I highly recommend exploring the seashell kingdom through Michelle’s books and classes.”

Robert Simmons
Stones of The New Consciousness  ( Note: Aragonite is one of the stones for awakening the Light Body)
Co-author of The Book of Stones (View information on Spiralite from The Book of Stones)

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Learn more about Seashell Divination and these amazing treasures the ocean has given us. Balance energies, learn more about yourself and find your peace through the power of the ocean.


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Nautilus Meditation: Awakening Your Spiritual Blueprint

This guided meditation comes courtesy of the Chambered Nautilus, and is designed to awaken your spiritual blueprint bringing you closer to your own perfection. As you progress through the mediation, you will gain awareness of the spiritual mysteries within yourself, and explore the great gifts of humanity through one of nature’s most valuable treasures.

The handout with the seashell meditation includes a wealth of information about the exquisite Chambered Nautilus. In the first 3 tracks, as listeners learn about the Nautilus and the secrets held in their winding canals, they also learn about the spiritual blueprint connecting the seashells and each one of us. The final track 4 is designed for deep meditation and narrated by Seashell Divination expert Michelle “Shelley” Hanson to guide listeners to tranquility and ascension. Each meditation session is like journeying through the deep and complex chambers of the Nautilus as listeners venture through the depths of their own conscious and subconscious, finding peace and reclaiming an individual spiritual message activating another step on the journey toward their divine perfection.

The audio meditation brings you the relaxing energies of the ocean and the beautiful complexity of the Nautilus to guide you. Order the Nautilus Meditation to experience your own journey toward ascension.

NAUTILUS MEDITATION Awakening your Spiritual Blueprint Book

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