“Michelle Hanson has opened up a whole new world of crystal exploration courtesy of her lifelong work with her seashell partners. Constructed by mollusks from protein secretions embedded with Calcite and Aragonite, seashells are crystal bridges uniting the animal and mineral kingdoms. Attuning to seashells links the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and their high vibrational energy facilitates communication with other realms. Working with seashells provides the opportunity to restore balance to all aspects of our lives enabling us to reshape the future. They connect us to our divine essence, our etheric DNA, offering a blueprint to edit and restructure our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies toward increased perfection and ascension. As energy tools connecting with our chakras, they mirror our spiritual evolution, guiding us to heal and transform ourselves and ultimately, our planet. Throughout history, seashells have been valued aesthetically. Now is the time to appreciate them as valuable members of the crystal family, and powerful collaborators. I highly recommend exploring the seashell kingdom through Michelle’s books and classes.”
– Robert Simmons, author of Stones of The New Consciousness, co-author of The Book of Stones



“Conchomancy is the art of divination using seashells. Most books on the subject follow the traditional diloggun form which utilizes cowry shells, associated with the Afro-Cuban religion of Santeria and tied-in to worship of the Orishas. But in Ocean Oracle, Michelle “Shelley” Ziff Hanson opens up conchomancy to a whole new dimension. Rather than adopting and adapting the old cowry divination, she draws upon an army of two hundred different shells and has devised an entirely new system based on their four major characteristics. This is a whole new world, rich in oracular language that is accurate, scientific, and downright fascinating!
All two hundred shells are detailed, with picture, description, meaning and explanation. The four overview plates make it relatively easy to tell one shell from another and to find the appropriate associations. But the test of a divination system is its accuracy. The Ocean Oracle easily passes the test. I expect to see it being used a great deal by Readers across the country.”
– Raymond Buckland, author of The Fortunetelling Book, Buckland Romani Tarot, Cards of Alchemy


“I’ve been drawn to sea shells since I was a young child so I was delighted to see their considerable wisdom recognized and made accessible for everyone in Ocean Oracle.”
– Dr. Christiane Northrup

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from students


“I was fortunate enough to find Shelley on the internet a year and a half ago. All I knew was that I loved shells and that they seemed to speak to me. I collected shells for over 40 years. One day, I seemed to wonder if there was anyone out there that could teach me more about shells, so I googled and found Shelley. Even though her class seemed like a long one, I was definitely fascinated with all that I could learn and signed up for a class. What I was about to learn, ended up making a monumental difference in my life! The shells are teachers and can help us see our lives in a different perspective. I happened to be going through a heart wrenching time of my life, yet “my seashells” were with me when I needed them the most. I won’t give away Shelley’s spectacular abilities that guide us along the path of Seashell learning. I can only say this: This class was a gift of a lifetime. The messages and wisdom learned will forever be in my heart. She is the most knowledgeable expert on shells that I know of – forever helping us learn the beauty and wisdom of the shells. If you find yourself continuing to gaze at your seashells, understand they are already working with you and trying to get your attention! To participate in this learning experience will be one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself. I highly recommend all her courses and wish you the best with your Seashell adventure.”
– Jinny, California

“Gracious Shelley! I continue to be amazed and thrilled with your class Modules! I read the reviews on the website and knew your students were pleased with all you share- I had no IDEA how marvelous this would be!!!! Thank you!”
– Jill S., Maryland…a student taking the Independent Study Course

“I am so grateful to you for sharing all the beautiful information with us! You are definitely the Sea Shell Ambassador!  The Shells have always been with me, but after taking this course my appreciation for them has doubled, and it has helped me to understand why their energy has always called to me. Now I can truly say that, “I know how to actually listen and speak sea shell language”. They are another blessing and gift from God, and it’s wonderful to know that these amazing creatures leave their magical energy within their home as an imprint of their life. You have helped me to take a “huge” step in my spirituality! It has helped me in so many levels and foremost it has strengthened my communication with the Sea Goddess. As I start this year to learn more about healing, I will incorporate their healing within my practice and teach my clients a whole NEW world of HEALING. Many wonderful Sea Shell blessings to you and thank you for being such a GREAT teacher!”
– E.K., California

“I got more insight into my “psychic block” from that lesson than I have in years of psychic troubleshooting, clearing, and regression!”
– S.P., Wisconsin

“Los caracoles o cristales del mar han movido lo más profundo de mi ser. Me hablan en un lenguaje musical y ancestral, directo a mi esencia, sin adornos ni ambivalencias. Para mi ha sido una experiencia trascendente, nunca imaginé que este estudio cambiaría mi percepción de la realidad de manera tan contundente pero tan fascinante, y que hiciera multiplicar mi aprecio por la vida y la naturaleza. Lo más impactante ha sido la manera en que me han hablado, tan directo, hasta estremecer mis fibras más profundas e iluminar insospechadas sombras dentro de mi interior. Medito con ellos, inclusive los coloco sobre mis centros de energía y me doy masaje con ellos.”

English translation….

“The snails or sea crystals have moved the deepest of my being. They speak to me in a musical and ancestral language, direct to my essence, without adornments, not ambiguity. For me it has been a transcendent experience, I never imagined that this study would change the perception of my reality on a forceful but so fascinating way, and that it had increase my appreciation for life and nature. The most striking has been the way in which they have spoken to me, so directly, up to shaking my deepest fibers and illuminating unsuspected shadows inside my interior. I ponder with them, inclusive I place them on my energy centeres and give myself massage with them.”
– From Aurora after graduating from Level II

“Never expected in a million years what I learned. I think I met myself for the first time in this class.”
– S.P., Massachusetts


“I have completed all the Ocean Oracle levels and am a graduate for professional reading. I found Shell’s teaching style straightforward and easy to comprehend. If there was something that was not clear then Shell would take the time to ensure the lesson was understood. All of this was being done with her in USA and me being based in Australia. At no time did I feel disadvantaged due to not always being able to be in class. In fact I actually found it assisted me as the shells inspired me to work on a deeper level with them. Shell has shown me how to articulate myself in shell language. The Ocean Oracle is an amazing system to work with. Each shell has its own meaning which makes interpreting and reading relatively straightforward. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to expand their awareness, particularly if they are wanting to learn of an alternate way of tapping into their higher self.”
– Tracey Holmes, Australia

“I have just completed your advanced level II Seashell Divination and must tell you what a huge leap in confidence and proficiency I have gained under your kind tutelage! If anyone is interested in metaphysics, science and the ocean, you must treat yourself to Shelley’s classes! Shelley’s classes will amaze you with the latest scientific data, her vast knowledge and wisdom, along with fun and interesting stories that relate to the myriad shells, their animals and the interaction they have with humanity. Learning to read with the shells and listening to their messages and guidance will astound you! Thank you Shelley, for sharing your intuition, humor, knowledge and wisdom with me! You have been one of the best teachers and mentors that I have ever been blessed to study under! Love and Seashell Blessings to you all!”
– D.S.,Oklahoma

“I am a recent graduate of Ocean Oracle Shell Reading classes. When the cards first came out I tried using them, as I had decades of experience with card readings using many other various types of decks. But I soon realized this system is different from all the others. These cards, and their teachings, work best with as much interactive process between the client and the reader as possible. Shelley carefully guided us, as her students, through her own path of shell discovery and inspiration. She shared a vast amount of information, supplemented by her research. Every class was definitely leading us somewhere specific. She never missed an opportunity to encourage us. She opened doors of understanding in us, and helped us all share in the insights of our classmates.

In the 8 week advanced class, the depth of reading techniques was more profound. We developed specific skills, and through them, certain confidence, that we could understand and speak “shell”. Shelley is a masterful organizer of her material, an excellent teacher, and a reliable presence. I learned far more than I expected in this course. I am pleased with what I came away with, but even more than that, I am excited to do as many readings as possible, as each reading I have witnessed has helped the client see further into themselves. That is a wonderful gift to offer the world.”
– Kate Leigh, massage therapist, aromatherapist

“The oceanoracle classes are wonderful for everyone, whether you are brand new to the shells or have been doing readings already. In the class you learn both about the science and the metaphysical meanings behind the mollusks who create the shells. And the best part is you are learning from the woman who set up the system. It’s incredible to be able to practice readings and get feedback almost immediately from Shelley herself. It helps to build confidence with her validation and gentle hand in teaching. Learning with others who are just as interested creates a supportive, positive atmosphere, too. So it seems there is something for everyone!”
– S.S., Massachusetts

“Shelley is a magnificent teacher. The intensity of the Level II class was offset with Shelley’s kind and caring guardianship. She was always open to other interpretations, even if not exactly what she had in mind. The caring atmosphere with which the class was taught, made delving deeper into shell reading (and into yourself) much easier and a true joy. Speaking for myself, I was very nervous going into the class. I had never done any kind of tarot reading or energy work so was a complete newbie to dealing with energy at that level. Shelley reassured and instructed me so much so that I am now starting to do readings for my friends and letting the shells speak to and through me. It’s been a joy to work with and be instructed by Shelley. I highly recommend the Level II class to anyone who wants to take your reading ability to the next level.”
– Sandy Chipman, Maine

“Every class
 As I read
I continue to be…
In Awe and  wonderment…
Excited and Joy-filled

Too, I noticed this morning something I wasn’t entirely aware of that I’ve been experiencing…Each reading example in some way directly connects to my own experiences…past and present…and some shells I’ve had such a strong dislike to I’ve covered them over while studying. Pretty powerful Stuff! But importantly, the shells Always, without exception, Are gentle with their messages.

Thank you Shelley.  Just like Neville you are a gift to the world!”

-K.P., Connecticut